Welcome to Mario Games online, we are delighted to bring you top quality Mario games that will keep you entertained for hours upon hours. This site is family friendly and contains no ‘chat room’ features, this means your children are safe within this site to play and explore the wonderful world of Mario and his friends (there is also nothing to buy so there won’t be any credit card mishaps).

All of our games our easy to use (generally just the use of the arrow keys) and require minimal computer resources. Our aim is to become the number 1 resource for Mario gaming online.

We try to add games regularly to the site but we are also open for suggestions, so if there is a particular game you want to see here simply drop us an email and we will see what we can do – All games are thoroughly tested for quality purposes (and because it’s part of our job :) ). Due to this we are more then happy to give out game tips that we have picked up along the way. We also encourage tips to be added to the comments sections within each game, so if you have a killer tip on how to get past a particularly troublesome set of gumbas or you have found a secret tunnel then do let us and the rest of the¬†community¬†know!!